I am a student of knitting technology and design as well as a dedicated and rather obsessed hand-knitter.  I am a devotee of the loop.  Fabrics, knit and otherwise, are such a constant part of our lives that they are often overlooked.  I love the fact that everyone has fabric and yet few people know anything about it. I find knitted fabric fascinating and never tire of learning what a very long piece of thread or yarn can do to make one warm, cool, and fabulous.

I received a Bachelors in Fine Art at Kansas City Art Institute, double majoring in Fine Art and Art History. My Fine Art studies were focused on fibers and textiles.  There I learned to knit, weave, dye, embroider, felt and manipulate fiber in a myriad of other ways.  Although I still participate in many of the greater fiber craft activities, my passion is knitting.  I live to knit!

I am now eager to explore all aspects and forms of knitting, hand, and machine, and apply that to a fulfilling career in design.




 All images copyright Gabriel Harrison.