Sustainability: Innovative Sweater Re-Design

We are living in a world that excercizes a vast consumption of material goods.  These products have short shelf lives and more often than not end up in the dump.  We teamed up with students at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland to brainstorm ways to curb this wasteful behavior in a fun and stylish way.

A collaboration formed between myself and two students at, Imogen Broadbridge and Janet Irons, to source used, found, up-cycled and waste garments as the basis for our innovation project.  Our intention was to find new ways alter and create garments and accessories that would extend a wardrobe rather than replacing it.  We called our project "ThRee-Made".

We unraveled, laser-cut, bonded, needle-punched and felted garments that we found in the backs of our closets to at various thrift stores.

We investigated ways of joining, sculpting and shaping the pieces into collars, cuffs, hoods, legwarmers, and arm warmers.  Using the unraveled yarns we knit and crocheted pieces to compliment the laser cut designs.

We investigated ways of joining and fastening the finished pieces on to a base garments that could then be interchanged, swapped and up-dated with current trends.  Each piece was designed to work alone or interchangeably together.